Woman of the Marine Kingdom 

March 22, 2022

During a vision of the night, I was show many airplanes filled with Christian believers crashing into the depths of the ocean. I went in to look at one of the airplanes and saw so many people just passing away. It was overwhelming and seemed hopeless for these people. 

I kept thinking how in one moment they were flying high and on top of the world and in the next moments they were drowning in the sea. An angel told me, “this is the condition of many believers right now. They are not seeking to grow deeper because they feel they are flying with the Lord at a good height and with great gifts in their life and ministries. They are distracted by so many activities of no spiritual value; so much entertainment, so much of their time is busy. If they knew their time was over, they would not have wasted precious time. If they knew the plan of the enemy to short their time, they would have earnestly sought the Lord and stayed alert to not step in that trap.”

I looked further around all the seats in these planes and saw many people I knew and cared for and others that ran larger ministries. I was devastated to see the losses. I cried for Jesus to help and the Holy Spirit came and took me away from the airplanes, into the deeper part of the ocean.

 I was then taken to the front of an under water ocean chapel. I went inside and there was a lady pastor there and she wanted to speak with me. I could tell she was an evil spirit and she had sharp eyes. She had a deeply controlling and strong nature, she tried to act as though she were a prophet of God. She approached me and I rebuked her in the name of Yashua and she then couldn’t speak to me. This made her quite angry. I then went and looked at the chalkboard on her wall. 

This wicked woman had wicked plans for the Christian churches and appeared to already be deeply involved and accepted as a minister in them. She was controlling many women and ministers and was greatly joyful at the sudden demise of so many believers, through these many crashes into the depths of the ocean. 

I asked the Holy Spirit what this was I was seeing? He said this evil spirit that appeared as a woman was of the Marine Kingdom. I was being shown her plan, because the women in the churches need warned that they are falling away from the Word of God into the deception of the devil in many of the churches today. 

 I was then taken to the beach to see which people had survived the crashes and were being taken care of in a make shift hospital on the sand. I saw more people I knew who were greatly injured and began to pray for the Lord to heal them and give them another chance to follow Him. The doctor at the site was also wicked and was not trying to help any survive.  There were others I thought of and began to look for only to find out that they had already perished. I saw one little orphan I knew who was quite well and unharmed. I was told he was well, because he has trusted in Jesus.

I think this vision is quite self-explanatory. Please seek the Lord, make sure your time is not distracted in the ways of the world. There is a great plan of the devil to divert Christians through distractions. Don’t be of those of who are taken off course because of running your ministry like a business, or living your Christian life as if it’s just a side hobby. Be passionate for God, operate in your God given roles and stay alert in prayer! For women, make sure you are operating as a Godly Christian woman. 

Isaiah 55:6-7 KJV

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.



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