Awake From Your Rest

July 9, 2022 Saturday 5:20am (Received during time of prayer)

Awake From Your Rest, The Morning Light


Laziness is sin, it amounts to nothing, no good can come of it.

Rise up and do the first work.

Laziness is the pastime of a fool.

Up late, and rise up late.

What you do with your time proves what you appreciate.

What you love is what you do, it tells Me all about you.

Who you are is who you’ll be,

Unless if you change by coming unto Me.

Come unto Me and I will give you rest. I will take your burden.

Wisdom calls, can you not hear?

Up now, and seek Me up Here.

Refresh, renew, become brand new,  Wisdom will come into you.

Wisdom will remove the sin, the leaven within, the laziness that kept you from repenting.

Wisdom will change the way you think, believe, and behave.

What is it that you would give for your crown, that you would deem worthy to lay it all down?

Unless if you set things aright at night, the morning will flee from you in the time of light.

In the time of light things will take flight and the day will be spent, until the night.

It will continue again, again and again, until you change from within.

Then you will be a Child of the day and not of the night and you and Wisdom will take the morning flight.

– Joseph T. Bishara

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