Return to God’s Church

On the morning of December 6, 2020, I had a dream:

In the dream, I was shown the President, the “Church people”, and the Christian schooling education system. All were operating in separate groups outside of the Church on a mountain. It was winter, cold, icy and dark outside. Suddenly, President Trump and his close security announced that the ClA was compromised and could not be trusted. He warned everyone to quickly run and return to the Church (I knew this was the true assembly of Believers – it was not about a building).

It was a dangerous path to run to the Church, as to get inside everyone had to run across a narrow bridge of ice with no guard-rails. The bridge of ice that connected the outside areas to the Church hung over an area of outer darkness. If anyone slipped while running across, they would plummet into this outer darkness. Many made it across and many slipped and fell into the darkness. Wisdom was there and helped some people to cross.

Once in the Church the divisions dissolved and everyone began to rally together in a unified manner. Everyone went into the main auditorium to begin to pray and the Church then they brought forth President Trump to podium and gave him the platform to speak and to pray for the intervention of God.



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