No More Business as Usual

On the second week of December 2020, I had a dream.

In the dream, I was shown a popular American ministry that speaks church to church and performs conferences, classes and has a very active bookstore of their curriculum that they promote as they travel. I went into a mega church and saw it was hosting this speaker’s class that was based upon their new book. I saw the ministry’s staff person and I asked them, “if I already have their book, say I got it used somewhere, can I still attend the class?” The staff member, said, “No, you have to pay the registration for the class it is $250.”

I then waited for the foyer of the large church to be filled with registrants waiting in line at the table to sign up and make their payments for the course and purchase the book. I pulled a chair out and stood on it and shouted, “How can this minister charge you for what God freely gave to him? Can you imagine Jesus charging to train the twelve disciples or to feed the five thousand? The Gospel is free! There is no excuse to charge. Do you have costs with your ministry? Then you are going to have to faith!”  I was shocked at my own boldness in the dream. Many were angry about what I said, but several old men, looked up, put their checkbooks away and said, “that’s a good point.”         

When I awoke I understood I was to share this warning to ministries to be careful not merchandise the Word of God. Have faith for God’s provision and don’t continue the American business practices in the church to fund your ministry work. It is not God’s way and it will not work in this next season.



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