He Makes the Dead to Rise

April 14, 2020




I (Joseph) woke up Tuesday morning from hearing this Word spoke from a messenger of God.



It was such a powerful Word, it was like thunder and woke me up from my sleep.

April 16, 2020


On this day I (Joseph) had a dream regarding the Spirit of Death. As I was walking, I saw a boy in a room with an eye patch on. The Holy Spirit prompted me to go in and pray for him. So I went in, and there were about twenty people in the room. Everyone in this family was distracted and all doing different things, mostly playing games.

I went up to the boy and talked with him. He now appeared a lot younger then when I first saw him and he did not have the eye patch on. I saw his eyes, but there was a large dark spot on one of them. I started talking with him. When I started talking with him a stupor then came on him. His friends who were beside him said, “Oh, He is just dead” (in a nonchalant way) “Look see,” as they pulled up his necklace. I asked, “What is that?” They said, “It is death.” I said, “Oh, is that the ghost from pac man?” “Yes,” they said (it was a tri-colored ghost apparently from the game pac man and it had three ghost legs hanging from it. I am not familiar with the new pac man game or what it looks like, I only familiar with pac man from the 80’s).

I then said, “What’s your name?” There was no response from the boy. So, I said, “I saw your eyes, what happened to them?” He said, “They have holes in them.” I looked over at the dad of the boy and said, “Dad, can I pray for his eyes?” He was fine with it. I then squatted down in front of the boy and told him that I have seen many people get healed and I shared several other short testimonies with him. I started praying for his eyes. As I was praying, I was looking into his eyes and praying in faith for healing. I then felt prompted that he needs deliverance, because the evil spirit was blocking him from receiving healing. I sternly prayed and commanded the evil spirit to come out in Jesus name.

“Evil spirit come out, spirit of death come out.” As soon as I said that, the boy shouted and jumped up and said, “they are 100% better.” The dad and everyone saw this. The dad came over to look now. I told the boy, “Praise God, Jesus healed you.” I then said to the boy, “Son, do you play video games?” “Yes!” He said. I told him, “The Bible says in Psalm 101:3, I will set before my eyes no evil thing. I want you to memorize that.” I was then going to preach to him and everyone there and share the Gospel of the Kingdom of God so that they could come to Jesus. Then the dream ended and I woke up.

Friends, this is a reminder of the spirit of death that can come in and destroy your soul by allowing in distractions that do not glorify Jesus. Now is the time for deliverance and freedom! Distractions destroy and we must rid them from our lives.


Pray against every distraction that is coming against your life and those concerning you. Distractions destroy and we must rid them from our lives! (Isaiah 57:14, Rom 16:17, Pro. 3:7, Gal 5:7, John 15:5) Click here to view the rest of the prayer points.

Isaiah 57:14-15 (GNV)

14 [a]And he shall say, Cast up, cast up: prepare the way: take up the stumbling blocks out of the way of my people.

15 For thus saith he that is high and excellent, he that inhabiteth the eternity, whose Name is the Holy one, I dwell in the high and holy place: with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble, and to give life to them that are of a contrite heart.

Matthew 11:5-6 (GNV)

The blind receive sight, and the halt do walk: the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor receive the Gospel.

And blessed is he that shall not be offended in me.

The Lord Jesus Bless and Keep You,


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