Revelation Chapter 6 – The Four Horses & Their Riders

Shared April of 2022

In this teaching we will cover some amazing mysteries that are revealed within Revelation Chapter 6.

What are the meanings behind the color of the 4 horses and the descriptions given of the riders on them? When will these things occur? Will the Church still be around during these events?

In this Chapter we see 6 of the 7 seals of the scroll opened, unleashing judgements on the earth. We will see in this chapter some of the events that are to take place during the Great Tribulation time-frame and go over what the Holy Bible says concerning the timing of the Lords return and the catching away of the Church (“The Rapture”).

–> Following this message, we would encourage you to listen to Joseph’s in-depth teaching on the timing of the Rapture in the message titled:  “Navigating The Times Ahead”

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