Gas Prices

Monday, Sept. 18, 2021

In a dream, an angel came to me. He showed me many gas stations, being influenced by China’s purchasing power. Every time a station was purchased the station name was changed to something like, FIVE SECONDS or ONE MINUTE FIVE SECONDS or TEN minutes. All of the names were time frames and each was a count down for that gas station.

Then I saw all these different gas pricing boards like Chevron, Shell, Conoco, etc shift from their current price up to $66.60. And I heard that gas would just be so high that no one would ever be able to travel.

I said to the angel, Oh my will everyone just be stuck where they are?

And, He said if you are with the Lord then no.

I understood that those who were with the Lord, would either have their gas supernaturally paid for, their gas tank wouldn’t run dry or they would just physically translocated. These are all things that would be there – if they are right with the Lord. If they are not right with the Lord, then they would be stranded where they were.

Understanding the Dream

The Lord is showing the country that is behind a lot of the control and financial oil issues in our nation, so that we can know how to pray. The time frames on each store were like count downs – time is quickly running out. The gas pricing boards changing to the number of 66.6 shows the number of the beast, which will eventually become a requirement for purchasing.

 True Christians will not compromise nor participate in that. As the angel instructed, you must be right with the Lord and He will make a way for you.

We must prepare and stay close to Jesus in these ever changing times!



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